Deep Well Pumps

About Choosing and Use submersible Deep Well Pump


Several clients will come across some technical issues when choosing a deep well pump, as an example: Just how high is the deep well pump? What state can it reach? Will it corrosion? What should I do if it rusts? How to keep and also various other problems. In order to fix the above-mentioned doubts, allow us initially explain the principle of the deep well pump.

Pumps that attract water from deep wells are called deep well pumps. The long shaft deep well pump is a more frequently used well pump among them, which is mostly used for maker wells. Deep well pump includes 3 parts: electric motor, water pipe as well as drive shaft. The top is an electric motor, which is mounted in the middle of the wellhead ground; The reduced end of the water shipment pipe and drive shaft is the functioning part of the deep well pump, which is immersed listed below the well water surface area. The head is required to be large because of the well deepness, and also the long shaft deep well pump has a lift range of 50 to 1100m. According to the architectural qualities of the deep well pump, appropriate use and timely troubleshooting are extremely important to make certain the risk-free operation of the deep well pump and also prolong its service life.

The very first step in choosing a deep well pump is to determine the well depth and also well size. If the width of the well is not verified, it is most likely that the pump can not be put in.

Second of all, we require to validate the distance from the wellhead to the location to make sure that we can compute the head of the deep well pump you really required. After verifying the above points, the model of the deep well pump must be able to be validated.

Again, please confirm the version of the deep well pump. Please don’t forget to add water to the deep well pump when setting up since the deep well pump is water-cooled. Filled with water right into the hole next to the electric motor as well as linked and after that put the pipes into the well. Naturally, the cord has to be connected.

Notice: The deep well pump ought to not be placed at the bottom of the well due to the fact that there might be sand at the bottom of the well which will certainly affect the operation of the pump motor, melt the electric motor as well as damages the impeller.